Our vision

Based on Fiji (Fiji Is just ImageJ) our PET/CT viewer provides a free and valuable tool for PET/CT image reading and processing.

Our main focus is too build a collaborative software tool for PET/CT image processing for research purpose.

Researchers usually face several limitations with current commercial tools :

- Software availability is low, workstation are usually bought for clinical purposes. Researchers have to share the access time of these devices with routine clinical usage and this drastically reduce the availability time for scientific usage.

- Most of current software don't include research requirement for scientific purposes, quantifications parameters can be missing, results output are usually weak.

- Dedicated software solution for scientific purposes are usually really expensive and could limit the research opportunity especially for local projects without institutional funding.


To solve these limitations we designed a free PET/CT viewer : 

- Written in JAVA to be able to run everywhere, in every computer no matter of its operating system (Windows, GNU/Linux, OSX).

- Running in ImageJ software to be integrated with many advanced image processing features.

- Open source : The General Public License allows the best freedom for our users (freedom to use for any purpose).

- Collaborative : Our project is open for new collaborations, your project may introduce new ideas for image processing. Our PET/CT is probably the most efficient way to introduce new processing features. Due to its Open Source design all features will be widely available to the community and will accelerate and increase research possibilities.