Do I need special hardware requirement ?

Globally the software is not a huge hardware resource eater.

The main resource consumption is about image rendering especially if you select "Best quality" in the option to have high quality display.

To run our software smoothly in any condition we advise you do use a decent hardware, net-book may not be powerful enough. However, standard desktop PC or laptop should fit the hardware requirement.


Can I run your software on Windows ? Mac Os X ? GNU/Linux ?

Yes ! You can run our viewer in any operating system, you don't have to buy any specific device or change your operating system.


Is it a free trial ? Is it going to become commercial ?

No, it is a real free software, it will be always free.


I am a new user and have a startup problem

It can happen that not all required modules are installed. One possible error is

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: infovis/panel/dqinter/DoubleRangeSlider

What does this mean? It is saying that infovis/...... cannot be found.

How to fix it? Go to Fiji, Help -> Update... The ImageJ Updated will come up. In View Options, choose View files of the 'PET-CT' site. In the list of files you should see plugins/lib/infovis.jar which is probably not installed. This is what the error message is trying to tell you, so add things which look like you need them.


Do you received any FDA/CE clearance ?

This is free, non commercial software and not covered by the FDA. Its primary focus is providing the best tools for research as shown in the list of Publications.


Can I join your project ?

Yes ! If you have a project or suggestion about our PET/CT viewer, feel free to Contact us. 

The design of our project is based on world-wide collaborations, so don't be shy !


Is your software will handle my DICOM files ?

Probably yes ! We tested the software with many DICOM datasets coming from all over the world.

However, we can't exclude that we might not have met some PET/CT devices. If you have trouble reading your DICOM don't worry and contact us we will update our DICOM reader to handle your files.

For now compressed DICOMs are not natively supported but we provide an uncompress tool to transform your compressed files into regular DICOM and read them.


How can I support you ?

If you publish scientific papers using our software, citing our work will be highly appreciated (see Publications).

The second way to support us is to bring your ideas into the project and spread the word around you.